In 1990 my son got a little Miniature Schnauzer for his birthday.  She was a dainty little thing, weighing only 9 pounds.  At the time it seemed like an overwhelming responsibility to add another mouth to feed, another living creature to care for.  However, she proved to be no trouble at all.  She was with us 12 years and in all that time, I dare say she never knew the joy, the goodness of a home baked treat.  I will always regret that she did not receive more from me.  She deserved the best.  So today, I bake treats for our new additions to the family and they gladly do all our taste testing.

The PupCake Bakery and this website are dedicated in loving memory of Bowser, our little Schnauzer. 
January 4, 1990 – May 23,  2002. 

May your treat bowl never be empty.


Our mission is to put a smile on your dog's face and a wag in their tail.

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